November. Already.

Hi all, had to delete my last blog post. Too many people thought I was talking about them.  Didn’t see that coming. In the first week of NaNoWriMo and going strong. If you have never heard of it, you basically write a novel in 30 days. It averages to about 1500 words a day. This…

Disco Through The Deadlines

The stale cloud that hangs over the heads of any creative professional is always made worse in a deadline-rich environment, and lets face it – whose creative environment (that creates income) is without the stress of deadlines?!

The Celestial Short Straw

But see, here’s the thing (she says while hundreds of sets of eyes roll so hard across the planet that our orbit around the sun may have shifted) I have this idea….

Ice Cream, Santa and the End of the World

I agreed that his dad must have been a total dirtbag, and told myself that this particular dirtbag-ery was an isolated case. Thanks to Playground Mom, I’m realizing it isn’t.

April Was Insane.

Wow. Last month was like the finish line that never finished. Of course, it really doesn’t help when I’m piling on my own projects at light speed. As an example…. In the 30 days of April, I: Moved cross-country (packed, cleaned, wrapped up, stuffed 5 pods full of crap, drove across the continental us only…

March 2017 Explosion!

Holy Cannoli! So much stuff!!!! First Book Expo – Woohooooo! Here is a bit about it if you are not familiar ;) “ABOUT BOOKEXPO BookExpo is evolving to lead the global publishing industry to its consumer driven future and celebrate storytelling in all its forms. It’s the place where industry, authors and readers converge to define…