Light turns green, trap is clean……

It wasn’t until I watched Zombieland that I realized how long ago Ghostbusters was made. Kind of through me for a loop, too……how fast time can go by without permission or warning. On the computer, we are inundated with “are you sure?” warnings before making each decision or change, autosave functions that prevent us from losing ground and storage backups that prevent us from forgetting a single detail, image or file. Not so much in the real world.

I remember seeing Ghostbusters in the theater with friends and being scared of the monsters in the refrigerator. I remember that goofy theme song being on the radio all the time and people wearing the movie logo t-shirts. And thats where my mind starts splintering off into all the things that were popular in the 80s.. I could get lost there for days. But it all gets snapped back into reality with Zombieland. The chunk of time bracketed, packaged, removed and then replayed in its ridiculousness in the Ghostbusters re-enactment scene with a middle aged Murray in the midst of our zombie zealous culture of NOW.

Not that the movie ( both movies ) weren’t great. Not that the scene in Zombieland wasn’t pure entertainment and a real clever moment of script writing. Just that the giggle is so bittersweet. Like a nun with a baseball bat, not only did I not see the attack coming, but despite the pain, I’m still not completely convinced it actually happened. Where the hell did the last 30 years actually go and how do I slow down the next 30 so I don’t get blindsided with a Zombieland sequel?

Tell me about the Twinkie…


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