Cankoes and other New-Babyness


Stardate: 0004 P.D. (Post Delivery)

So the baby is awesome. More than awesome. She is perfect. I don’t know what II thought was in there this whole time, but I was still shocked and surprised to the point of speechlessness when I saw her face looking up at me. Full head of hair and great big open eyes, she was the spitting image of my newborn pictures and continues to amaze me  everyday as our family discovers resemblances and contrasts  (some real, some imagined) that never get old.

Aside from the usual (and some unusual) hospital trauma 8/8 through 8/10,, we are home and getting settled in. All new tasks and chores, perspectives and expectations, joys and frustrations to catalog and revel in. The hospital experience really needs its own post, way too much to get into while I have Cankoes on the brain. What the heck are Cankoes? Read on poor sap, read on.

My name is Juli and  I have Cankoes. I’ve heard of “Cankles” before (where your calf goes all the way down to your ankle without so much as a dimple), but I have to say this is way more extreeme. My calf actually extends to my toes. If my nails weren’t painted pink I don’t think that body part would be at all recognizable. All the shoes I couldn’t fit into during ppregnancy have been pushed further back into the closet to the borders of  Wild Dust Bunny Sanctuary and only my Uggs are left within reach. Uggs are really the polar opposite of Florida summer but its only about 130 days left till the holidays so I’m trying to stay positive. Positive may or may not come with a screw on cap, I haven’t decided yet.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. prisdiblasi says:

    what is wrong with you!! and I don’t mean your foot…the other end!!

  2. prisdiblasi says:

    everything is right with you!! including that baby!

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