Prerequisite: Perfection

So many times we put important things on hold because we don’t have the perfect blahblahblah to start the job. We might think we need the right shoes to start a jogging routine, the right mat for a yoga class, the right computer to write a novel, the right outfit to go job hunting…. where does this need to have perfection to attain perfection come from?

I’m thinking it comes from a combined triple threat- 1. the relentless insecurity training of modern marketing, 2. our defense mechanism that lets limited thinking and excuses come instinctually before forward momentum, and 3. our incredible persistence to get in the way of our own success because somehow we feel more comfortable failing.

Why am I blathering on about this? I got the best fortune cookie ever and have it taped to the bottom of my iMac screen “You don’t have to be perfect to full your dreams“. This sentence has become a pretty powerful mantra in many areas of my life and continues to transform what I do and where I focus energy.

For example, I just finished a children’s book that I had been putting off and off and off. Will the book be perfect? Of course not, but it will see the light of day and I’ve started in on my who-knows-how-many-next-new careers after investing heart, soul and crazy amounts of time into the last endeavor. Admitting that I accomplished great things in that career’s lifetime but that I needed to move on was an act of looking imperfection in the eye without blinking and agreeing to disagree.

There are so many other areas of my life that this Perfection Rejection can apply to.. once I see one situation through these magic P.R. glasses, everything lines up afterwards – ready to be taken apart and reintroduced as a possibility rather than an entry on some mystical to-do list that never gets crossed off.

I encourage everyone to write the words somewhere they can see it, and then really believe it: “You don’t have to be perfect to full your dreams“……. take some pressure off yourself and just get started already fulfilling your dreams and moving forward!


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