14 months…Postcards from the Edge


I wanted to do a post, but had no idea what to focus on, so here are some windows into the daily life of the Madster and I.


Reading to Madison (when she holds the book)

Nursery Rhymes

This book belongs to..

The cat and the fiddle

Broke his crown

The end

And all the King’s men

Called it macaroni

This book belongs to

Little Bo Peep

Found their mittens

And the poor dog had none

ISBN# 978-0-312-49808


Speaking Maddi

Turtle: Dul-Dul

Dog: DUG

Fish: shhhhh

Bubble: BUBU


Things That Make Life Much Easier (a list of desperation)

Miffy the Bunny

Scrambled Eggs

Frank Sinatra

The Muppets – Muppets From Space & Muppet Treasure Island

Electric Bubble Gun ( with lights and sounds)

Refrigerator Magnets

FisherPrice Rainforest Jumperoo

Hair Brushes

Aunt Kay’s Blanket

Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider

Baby Einstein – Animals of the World


Favorite Maddi Moments

Being just the two of us, we settled into a bedtime ritual. I get her all ready for bed, turn on her musical crib aquarium ( thank you Hallie & Paul) and her night light star projector turtle (thank you Erin) pour a glass of wine and read to her from Harry Potter until she falls asleep. Its a small sliver in time that just means the world to me. I know she has no idea what I’m reading her but it is a connection I look forward to everyday. We just finished our first dueling lesson with Professors Snape and Lockhart this evening. Its like a mother-daughter date night, but every night :) I never miss it!



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