Paper Airplanes- Delta’s Response

Ok, so today I heard back from Delta – remember back a cyber-lifetime ago when I sent them my complaint letter – and this is what I got:


Hello Julianne,

RE: Case Number …….

Thanks for contacting us about your travel with your baby and mother on February 25. I’m sorry for the poor service of our ticket counter and gate agents, for your disappointment with the beverage selection, seat comfort, safety regarding baby changing stations and the time it took to deliver your baby’s stroller.

We have already responded to your mother but still wanted to address your email. After reading your email, I certainly understand why you wanted to let us know about your interactions with our airport agents. We expect our employees to be helpful and professional at all times.

I’m really sorry the seating was uncomfortable on your recent flight. We know that a comfortable seat on all flights matters a lot, and you should have had one. We do listen to passengers’ comments about our seating, and we do make improvements based on what people tell us. So, thanks for letting us know.

I hear you –

I’m sorry there was no champagne, cappuccino chocolate dipped strawberries for breakfast scheduled on your flight. You can find details about our meal service at Hopefully, this link will be a good reference for you on your next flight. [ SNARKY!!! and I’m pretty sure I mentioned I was all over their web site and ordered a specific toddler meal]


Getting you to your destination safely is always our top priority. We know that when you fly, you need to trust that your airline has done all it can to make sure your flight is safe, secure and pleasant. Although we are unable to guarantee a changing table will be available on a particular aircraft type, I certainly understand your concern.  [ They don’t guarantee there will be a changing table? Do they guarantee there will be a bathroom?]

Your Time is Valuable

Having to wait for your baby’s stroller sounds really frustrating. We’re sorry you had to wait for your baggage — your time is definitely valuable. While we do have goals for quickly delivering bags, we didn’t meet them and we’re sorry. 

I’ve shared your comments with the appropriate Leadership teams so that they may use your experience to improve our services.


As a goodwill gesture, I’m issuing Electronic Transportation Credit Vouchers for $100 each for you, your baby and your mother. You’ll receive the voucher numbers and associated Terms and Conditions in a separate email within 24 hours. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.) Please keep this email because you’ll need the number to redeem the vouchers. Plus, if you redeem your vouchers by making your reservation online at, you’ll avoid paying the Direct Ticketing fee.

Thanks again for writing. We appreciate you as a SkyMiles member and hope you will allow us to serve you and your family in the future.


Dorothy Sellers

You Share, We Care


Did anyone else think it was suspicious that they never mentioned anything about the technology amenities not living up to their web site?

If it isn’t illegal to have a public restroom without a changing table up to current safety standards I am going to make it my personal mission in life to warn parents against using Delta.  Am I wrong? So I wrote them back when I got the above letter and asked why they didn’t mention the techno goodies that are on their site and if they guarantee bathrooms. Hopefully it won’t take Ms Sellers another month to get back to me. 



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