Delta- The Drama Continues…

4/9- So I heard back from Delta about the technology available and how they cannot provide changing facilities during flights. The email from their service rep reads:


Hello Julianne,

RE: Case Number ……

Thanks for your follow-up email. I’m sorry that the technological amenities you mentioned were not available and for your disappointment that we do not have changing tables on all aircraft.

I agree, you should have a nice experience – while traveling in First Class. I see that we had a change of aircraft after your reservation was booked. Our planes should be welcoming and comfortable to our customers at all times, and we’re working hard to clean, modernize, and maintain all our planes. I wish the conditions on your flight was better. Yes, bathrooms are available on all of our flights.

Thanks again for writing.


Dorothy Sellers

You Share, We Care


OK- We are talking about doing the research and paying for THREE of THESE:

And receiving three of these,


with the explanation that “the product was switched after purchasing due to availability”. I don’t know what else to say about the total ridiculousness of charging current pricing and supplying 20 year old facilities – especially after boasting about “what you get” on their site.


As far as safety- There is clearly no urgency to replace, repair or even provide changing facilities for children – even in first class. The response was that they are sorry but the cannot guarantee changing facilities.

So they can take money from parents for seats but cannot supply adequate bathroom facilities. If this is the situation, they should have an age limit for flying.

When there is no “product” to be able to “return” is this what we are reduced to? An apology letter? I’m sending one last email to the rep, but I can definitely say that I am breaking up with Delta.


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