Are We There Yet? Potty Training Continues….


I was wondering why my phone was running out of space…. question answered.

So potty training. Yeah. If asked to do it again I think my reply would be something of the “Here’s your order of HELL-NO, your side of grilled BITE-ME slices smothered in SCREW-THAT sauce and your large diet GO-FRAK-YOURSELF over ice with a slice of lemon. And if there’s anything else you need, don’t to hesitate to smash yourself in the face with the door on the way out” variety. But probably meaner because I didn’t make it to SDCC this past weekend.

I’m seriously tempted to switch my creative genre to photo journalism and begin production on a coffee table book entitled “The Bathrooms of America”. My research has been extensive. I’ve seen more toilets than the Ty-D-Bol Man since Maddi started with the potty training thing.

P.S. – BEWARE OF PIT TOILETS AT CAMPSITES. Thats all I’m going to say about that.

I’m also learning about the all terrifying “Vengeful Pee” a tactic confirmed by a good friend and cat lover, regarding the whole accidents-during-time-outs-aren’t-really-all-that-accidental suspicion. Awesome. And then there is the “Don’t Have To Pee” pee when I ask her eight billion times if she needs to go – to which she repeatedly says NOOOOOOOOOO – and then proceeds to pee on the couch. Also awesome. Many a throw rug has lost their life to this fabulous human developmental stage.

Maddi Vs. The Potty

But.. I have to say, she really is doing awesome. I seriously have to say that. It is a mantra and the only thing holding me together.

All kidding aside, we’ve made it through long car rides, naps, weekends away, strange new surroundings… and seem to just take it all in stride continuing along on our endless quest to end The Diaper Era. Only one accident at summer camp so far, and one public pee-on-the-carpet episode I’m attempting to remove from my mind with Brillo. We’re not allowed back there :(

I do see the end on the horizon, although I also see a few years of us both crammed into port-o-potties and airplane bathrooms together. I know, I know, I’ll look back at these years and ____ (insert positive sentiment here)___ , and I’m sure wine helps with that.

In other news, we started dance class! It’s a tap + tumble + ballet thirty minute extravaganza! Pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so I’m hoping she stays with it. It is so cute that the “practicing” in tap shoes at home for hours and the chasing her down across the studio after class because she doesn’t want to leave is almost tolerable. Of course, I’ll need to file down her horns a bit to get the tiara to stay on. Wish me luck!


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  1. HappyFamily says:

    Good luck. I remember telling myself one day it will be over.

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