The Spider Ate The Sun


IMG_1232Conversations with Toddlers

If you have ever had a conversation with a toddler, you just don’t know what will happen next. Ever. The connections made in that still-forming bubbling brew of synapses can sometimes be more akin to refrigerator magnet poetry than dialog. Here are a couple interesting toddler thoughts:



Toddler: [Looking through the window at the dark porch] Where sun?

Mother: The sun goes to sleep at the end of the day.

T: The spider ate the sun because it was just too hot. And then the moon came up right there! [pointing to the wall]

M: Did you see a spider?

T: No, dark out!


T: [Playing]

M: What was the name of the boy sitting at our table at the party?

T: Party. Horse!

M: Yes, they has a horse at the party, but they also had a car… do you remember the car? Who was the boy in the car?

T: Plane!

M: Mhm, there was also a plane, and there was a little boy that was with you when you went on those rides, remember? You sat together and had pizza…?

T: Cake, pink Minnie Mouse cake! And black polkadots! With balloons and cake!

M: That’s right! There was a cake, and who ate cake with you?

T: Evelynn!

M: Yes, Evelynn was there… and a little boy from your class…?

T: Auti’s Birthday [pretending to blow out the candles]!

M: Yes, it was Auti’s party, and Auti was there, and Evelynn, and a little boy named….?

T: [Runs out of the room singing happy birthday]

End of conversation (apparently)


M: ok, baby – we have to go to school and see the kids, do you want to bring a toy in the car for the ride?

T: Minnie. No, Rainbow Dash. No, Minnie and Rainbow Dash…

M: Just one toy, ok? Pick one quick-

T: Minnie. Rainbow Dash! [Starts taking off her shoes]

M: Wait- what are you doing- we have to leave for-

T: [Both shoes off running down the hall with Minnie doll]

M: [Puts down purse, coffee, phone, toddlers backpack and takes off after kid]

T: [Changing socks, replacing Twilight Sparkle socks with Rainbow Dash socks. RD socks were in the hamper – so all the dirty clothes are strewn across the floor]

M: You HAD to wear Rainbow Dash socks?

T: Minnie and Rainbow Dash in car to see the kids!

M: [Sigh. Starts in with Australian accent for movie quote totally lost on child] …clever girl…jacket on… Got your Minnie doll.?

T: [Starts walking towards garage door]

M: [Picks back up bags and personal items, follows toddler out the door into the garage and begins placing items in car] Let’s go baby, come get in the car.

T: [Stands in front of car reading the license plate] K! 3! T!

M: Baby, we are going to be late to see the kids, you don’t want to miss playground time, right?

T: J…E….E…

M: [Realizing this is a learning opportunity] Ok, what sound does a “J” make?

T: Jah!

M: Good, and “E”?

T: Eh!

M:Good girl! And “P”

T: Peh!

M: Awesome!! Now all together they sound out…..?

T: PIG! Peh for PIG!

M: That’s awesome, honey, now come get in mommy’s Jee-pig so we can go to school, ok?

T:[Toddler sings Old McDonald had a pig on repeat all the way to school]


I can’t believe it has been months since my last blog post! Time goes by so fast… and I’ve been so busy with family and work. A quick recap of the “artist/author” thing over the last few weeks:

  • Landed a solo show at the Maturango Museum to be on display in the fall of 2016 (painting up a storm to get ready) in conjunction with the Petroglyph Festival
  • Began utilizing as my primary portfolio site for fine art work as it is created.
  • Sleep Sweet won a top 10 spot on Gittle Publishing’s Holiday List and was reviewed as “Sleep Sweet written and illustrated by Julianne DiBlasi Black is the ultimate bedtime story. It feels like it is wrapping the reader in fairy dust.”
  • Took part in and completed #NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to complete a 50k novel within one month (November). I finished SPARK, a novel about finding inspiration and following your dreams, and I can’t wait to get through the 2nd draft and hand it off to the editor!
  • Spellbound books is closer to completing the 3D version of Sleep Sweet for their reader app, and released a sneak peak to me of their work-in-progress that I posted to my Facebook page: Sleep Sweet in 3D
  • Upcoming Reading and signing at Dunedin Fine Arts Center on Sunday December 6th!
  • Started illustration work for a new children’s book! Spoiler here: Coyote Moon

So, yeah. Busy. But all things good! Even got in our first trip as a family to Disneyland. Her little head pretty much exploded. Its all about characters right now so we made sure to properly stalk, hug, and kiss every costumed entity within park walls. Doing the character hunt was a new experience for my husband and I, all our pre-child visits to Disneyland were more about avoiding the character mobs. Now here we were jumping into them with elbows and strollers blazing’.

Very surreal to be on the other side of the Disney experience – scrolling through the iPhone app looking for when Goofy’s next show would be instead of crashing headlong into a throng of people complaining to each other “F&%k! Now we have to go all the way around these idiots in line for damn Princess Jasmine to get to the Indiana Jones ride!”.

Yes. I now have (and paid a crap-load for) several family photos with Princess Jasmine in them. Thats just how it works I guess. If nothing else, I’m hoping this paved the way for some non-terror-infused Santa pictures this year. One can only hope.




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