The BatCave – ultimate center of the my eclectic universe.
[ih-klek-tuh-siz-uh m]
1. the use or advocacy of an eclectic method.
2. a tendency in architecture and the decorative arts to mix various historical styles with modern elements with the aim of combining thevirtues of many styles or increasing allusive content.
I am a chronic playlist creator. I have playlists categorized by mood, activity or even travel direction. My iTunes library is the soundtrack to my soul under one umbrella recording company I think of as Eclecticism Records.
Here’s an example. Currently, my daycare situation is something of a house of cards… sickness, school closures, vehicle issues and other family schedules can collapse at any time, pulling the rug out from under my workday with one dusty snap. Hanging in the balance are my current projects – an upcoming museum art show, two novels I’ve completed but that need second draft edits, my regular graphic design clients, a children’s book I’m trying to get finished for editing, and then all my duties surrounding the household and my volunteer position. So this playlist is called “Overwhelmed”. This is only a few of the 84 songs that make up the playlist, but as you can see, regardless of mood, eclecticism is the reigning theme. On shuffle of course.
Birdhouse in your soul – TMBG
What? – Rob Zombie
Add it up – Violent Femmes
Can you picture that – The Muppets
Break on through – The Doors
I will survive – Gloria Gayner
Intergalactic – Beastie Boys
Somebody hates me – Reel Big Fish
Back in black – ACDC
White rabbit – Collide
Survival – The O’Jays
Cherry bomb – The Runaways
My Sharona – The Knack
Whip it – Devo
Wombat – Phish
Absurd – Fluke
Dashboard – Modest Mouse
Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce
Get up offa that thing – James Brown
C’m on feel the noise – Quiet Riot
Basket case – Green Day
Back porch – POTUSA
Y control – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Just like heaven – The Cure
Born this way – Lady Gaga
Groove is in the heart – Deee-Lite
We r who we r – Ke$ha
Don’t take me for granted – Social Distortion
Time bomb – Rancid
Raise your glass – Pink
Shake it off – Taylor Swift
Crush w eyeliner – R.E.M.
Lust for life – Iggy Pop
Middle of the road – Pretenders
Baroom hero – Dropkick Murphys
……….. and more!
The best I can explain it would be emotional attachment to the beat, the lyrics, and/or the energy of each song. Some of them push me forward through my toppling ‘to do’ lists and some of them pick me up and make me smile. Some are just plain jamming and make me want to dance along in my chair as I work. If I ever got asked to do one of those celebrity playlist things, I’d probably end up committed to the nearest mental health facility. But enjoy the above anyway, maybe you’ll dig the shift in perspective, being in someone else’s head for a while :)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vev Shanley says:

    Wow, Julie. You really do have a mix of different types of music……Maybe thats why your creativity dances in your head, moves down your arms and flows thru your fingers into something we all love to read and experience. So thank you for your eclecticness (is this even a word)? because it makes you different, clever and a bit jazzy!😘 Bev

  2. Love it!!! I have a million playlists, as well … mostly for different characters. My “me” list is part 90s music, part classic rock, part Celtic music, and a 2-disc set of Fleetwood Mac.

    Hope things get even a little less hectic for you, soon. <3

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