Ludicrous Speed! Go!

This scene has been playing in my head for the last two months…

For the last five or six weeks.. months (?)  maybe… I’ve been on a constant treadmill of whacko. I’ve managed to pack into that time some amazing feats – two camping trips, family staying at my house for two weeks, other family coming for a long weekend, a three day trip for a party in Ojai, a whirlwind Los Angeles mid-week overnight, dental surgery, the soft release of Sleep Sweet 3D, a public reading of my upcoming book, a house-wide case of the stomach flu, dance recital, hosted a Local Author Showcase, and, and, and, etc. Still haven’t unpacked from L.A. and already re-packing for the next adventure… Exhausted, but happy. I’ve gone to plaid. Good thing I’m a fan of the grunge era.

Mini-Me always makes things [fun], [interesting], [insane]. She is pretty awesome at finding the only hole in the safety barricade or coming up with new ways to use a hotel guest services phone. Never a dull moment. For example, at the Universal Sheraton we rode the alligators (elevators) to our room on the twentieth and ordered dinner served in UFOs (those silver room service plate covers that stack). When we went to Uncle Joe’s office (Joey Newman’s recording studio) she swiped my phone and I now have enough photography stored to do an exciting expose on kneecaps.

But enough about that. For now. Maybe. Haven’t decided yet. If you go to my NEWS page at the above link, you’ll see where the real action has been taking place. So much going on right now with Spellbound and Sleep Sweet, everyday is another crazy blind taste test from the entrepreneurial garden hose of mystery. Not always Awesome, but just enough so that when Not-Awesome comes around the corner with a baseball bat it tends to be a nasty shock.

Up next is the book signing at Independent Bookstore Day and finishing the last illustrations on my new children’s book. Totally different story style and illustration style for me so the release will be an interesting experiment. As I finish it up, I’m finding that I’ve gravitated to different music during this project. Instead of creating new and more bizarre playlists, I’m revisiting full albums of music I haven’t listed to in quite a while. This week I burnt through Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits, Bob Marley’s Legend, The Cure’s Galore, Erykah Badu’s Baduizm, The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits, John Mellencamp’s Best That I Could Do… and that’s it so far. All of those artist’s pop up in my usual playlists from time to time, but listening to a full album is different. There is a certain level of saturation that happens. Like a cultural submersion study-abroad program in traveling from track to track. Intensive.

The weirdest was listening to Bob Dylan. I think the last time I listened to the whole thing in order was like 20 years ago. How odd listening to familiar melodies but at the same time hearing a totally different story. The themes had changed for me. It was kind of like opening up someone else’s time capsule. There is some awesome quote (I’ll have to find it) a woman author said something like “I’ve lost touch with many of the women I’ve been through the years”. Music is an interesting way to reconnect with that. So is journaling, I’m told. When I get the plaid cleaned up I’ll have to think about that.




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  1. It’s fascinating to me how much our response to things can change over time… books do the same thing, for me. I had “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood as assigned reading in high school, and absolutely loathed it … only to find that re-reading it at age 31, it was incredible and beautiful and terrifying. I’m beginning to lift my personal ban on all things Country Music, a song at a time (which my inner child still isn’t quite forgiving me for).

    Also, Fleetwood Mac is always a good choice. ;)

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