August Blues and Soul Supporters

Hooray! Had TWO of my illustrations included into the Comic-Con 2016 Souvenir Book! One in the 75 Years of WonderWoman section and one in the 50 Years of Star Trek section! Thrilled!! Chew on that mean old art teacher Mrs Richardon from Doherty Junior High!

Ok, let’s start with the playlist… this one I call “My Desert Island Mix” and it is comprised of a handful of songs I can’t live without. Always putting me in a good mood, they keep my groove on and mind moving forward. Here we go:

Rising Sun by Rusted Root, Dreamin’ by G Love, Tomorrow by James,  The Mango Song by Phish, Float on by Modest Mouse,  Friday I’m in Love,  by The Cure, Blister in the Sun by the Violent Femmes, Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls, Sheep Go To Heaven by Cake, Somebody Hates Me by Reel Big Fish, The Anthem by Good Charlotte, Here Comes the Sun by Richie Havens, Scarlet Begonias by The Grateful Dead, Rebel Rebel by Seu Jorge, Hotel California by the Gypsy Kings, Where is My Mind by Dhoti Hook, Life is a Long Song by Jethro Tull and Woyaho by Edie Brickell.

Been pushing a ton on my comfort zone lately. Applying for grants, making inquiries for article submissions and sending in my work to competitions. All scary stuff but all good. Worthwhile efforts. Also been pulling back and creating boundaries where I see no real opportunities. Always difficult to retract from things that are easy or people that lean on me, but I have to. I just can’t get my own work completed when I’m running around doing for everyone else. Came across an awesome Tina Fey Quote that spurred this post “You know what? Bitches get shit done.” Damn straight, Tina.  I’ve been crushing it since I let some toxic stuff go.

Below is a clip (un-edited) from a book I am working on called SPARK.

Soul Supporters. Having supporters of your dream is like filling your sails with wind. The more supporters, the faster and farther you will go. While in the beginning you might want to keep your dream Spark held close for fear it will be taken or bruised by the world around you, branching out and finding smiles instead of critics is paramount. Groups for every interest you can imagine exist locally and online. Beginning there will bolster your confidence, after all, there’s safety in numbers right? Amassing and tapping into group knowledge can be a powerful thing, speeding you towards the next level of your evolution faster. Take it as quickly or as slowly as you are comfortable with, but do take the time to reach out. Not only will the group serve as inspiration, but will also act like personal trainers, giving you grief if you aren’t working on your Spark craft.

In many cases, it is more than natural that your Spark supporters will change as you evolve, in fact, it is inevitable. You will outgrow groups, or change or join more groups. You might find yourself overwhelmed and have to drop out of groups that you aren’t ready for. This is totally normal and be aware it works exactly the same as with your personal relationships. True friends will stay, but only time will show you who they are. It’s been said that you can’t choose your family, but these friends are the additional family members you would have chosen if you could. You’ll know them your whole life and no matter what direction they take their life in or how different it is from your own, you will always keep in touch. When you talk it will be like no time has passed, even if its been years between phone calls. With social media, texting and Skype distance means nothing anymore. The glue that will hold you together is admiration, mutual respect and love.

In contrast, you’ll find many friends that you were once quite close with will simply start to fall by the wayside. At first, maybe your schedules won’t line up. Then maybe you’ll try to get together but it doesn’t feel like you are having the same fun that once you did. They’ll want to revisit the old days and you’ll be excited about the future. Eventually, communication will wane and may stop altogether. I’m not saying to blow off all your old friends, just that you’ll make new ones in the same vibration you are holding as you change. Old friends that are also moving and growing will continue to remain fresh and fun. Friends lost in the day to day letting comfort and low expectations rule their lives will fall away.

As your energy shifts to include possibilities, you begin to draw toward you the very individuals that will help shape your path. You won’t be able to keep them away. I had a pair of entrepreneurs drive all the way out to meet me here in Mojave from Los Angeles after flying in from Michigan to begin working together on a game-changing program that is poised to re-shape children’s literature.

I’ve certainly had my share of nay-sayers and haters. I still do. I don’t know where they find the energy to puke on other people’s dreams on top of their own daily life, but I guess they have all that extra time they aren’t using to work on their own Spark. In fact, someone told me once that my life was “like that Will Smith movie where everything just keeps getting worse for the guy until at the end it all changes around for him. Except your life doesn’t get better. Your life is like if the movie ended five minutes before you get to the good part.”.  Ouch. Thankfully the statement didn’t have the effect the speaker wanted it to. I didn’t feel dejected, I felt surprised. I certainly let myself kind of wallow in the paranoia of wondering if that was the general consensus among all of my interpersonal relationships.. did everyone think that about me? This wasn’t just some idiot on the street corner, this was someone I was – at the time – spending a lot of time with. But my feeling of surprise was because I didn’t feel that way about myself. It had never crossed my mind. Maybe I was in a slump, maybe things were moving slow, but great things were coming – that was my truth.


Just as there will always be those that think you are crazy, there will always be some who see the world as you do. Finding them is key. A great quote I have cycling through on my desktop from time to time:  Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes. – @debihope (Twitter). The ones that scarred you in the past don’t go away, but when you enrich your life and fill it with the people and experiences that lift you up, the dark spots don’t show the same on your psyche. You will begin to see them for what they are. External attempts to permeate something larger and brighter than they ever will be. Negativity becomes nothing but an  ant at a picnic on Mount Olympus. They can’t harm you anymore.

On a warm July afternoon several years later, I found myself gliding over Victoria Falls in an ultralight. The sun was shimmering across the Zambezi River, the waterfall below was roaring its deafening baritone solo. Below me wild elephants were bathing along the shoreline. The hugeness of the scene took my breath away. I wasn’t a human at all, I was without question the being of pure light I see in my soul. All of a sudden I remembered that comment I received about Will Smith – out of nowhere. It was almost visible for a moment wobbling in the wind like a black rubber bubble just off my left shoulder before bursting into the diamond spay of the falls below. I laughed out loud into the rushing wind. My truth is the only truth and it is all I’ll ever need. Build your soul supporters. Haters beware.





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  1. Debi just gained herself another follower. :) Thanks for this. I’m in the process of doing my own paring down to prep for the book launch, too.
    Love seeing all the excerpts from Spark!

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