Book Eight & Tattooing Myself!



I’m not really a video person. I really do anything I can to skip them online, I’d rather find the transcript and skim it quickly than sit through a whole video of stuff I’m not interested in only to find out that the clip wasn’t what I needed anyway. Soooooo… here is me pushing my personal boundaries again.

First I have to tell you that I have been a hobby-tattooist for almost twenty years now. I started on coil machines and then took a break for a while, then came back to it when rotary machines began to get some traction. Over those years, I have tattooed on very, very few people other than myself. I prefer to learn -and live – with my own mistakes. Not that I wouldn’t welcome brave souls to practice on – just that this isn’t a career for me and never will be. I love what I do and everyone has to have a hobby, right? So, no, this isn’t a “how to” video. This is just a celebration of a particular space in time – my eighth children’s book has been released (Spider’s Big Idea) into the wild and I had something I wanted to do to commemorate. To each their own, please :)

Next, I’ve always wanted to have a reason to mess with iMovie. It took me the better chunk of the morning to get some momentum there, and I do profess to wanting to scrap the whole damn idea about two seconds after I opened the interface, but hey – I’m stubborn as HELL so there ya go. Not always my best feature, but sometimes it pays off.

So that is the background to my little cinematic toe-dipping. And without further adieu:

So YES! All my books are on for purchase and you can see more of my work on Ultimately, I’m hoping that you’ll share the video and maybe help me out with some book sales so I can fund my next project Dinosaurs Hate Doctors. I’ve applied for several grants for this book already and it is all finished and ready to go! I just need some start up money to launch some publishing options and be able to donate printed copies to some children’s hospitals that I know would appreciate it. And obviously, I’m not above showing up without make-up for an early morning filming of me torturing myself for some additional eyeball power to make that happen.

No, I’m not ready to crowd-source yet, still talking to some facilities that could possibly have the funding available to brand it as their own book. Fingers crossed :) Thanks for watching the video!


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  1. I feel like you need to know that as I was sitting here watching this, I ended up bopping along to Bowling For Soup with you. :D It was neat to see the process happening live, since I’ve been contemplating a tattoo of that logo you helped me with for YEARS now. (I’m just afraid I’m too much of a wuss to handle it. LOL.)

    Congratulations on Spider, and I wish you much luck in the process with Dinosaurs Don’t Like Doctors!

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