If You Really Want It, You’ll Find A Way

Unedited sample from my upcoming book SPARK!

How do you know this is what you really want? How do you know it isn’t just a passing phase or the hobby-of-the-moment?

We make excuses to hide us from many things, but when the reasons that you want this dream start to keep you up at night, you know its a keeper. You might have a million and one reasons you can’t go to the gym today, but if you want it, you’ll go. It is what separates the successful people from the people who watch them and say to their buddy “I could do that” but don’t.

If you want to be a writer you will find a way to muster up all the strength leftover from the screaming baby, the housework, the obligations and find a way to write. If you want to paint you will use coffee grounds, leftover ketchup and charcoal out of the furnace to create on scraps of cardboard, walls, floors. Nothing can stop you – not situation, not money, not negative people – IF you really want it. There are so many stories about people overcoming incredible odds – competing in sports without limbs, creating works of art without sight, writing famous novels on their lunch breaks or singing while waiting tables that turns into a pop career… who are you to sit on your ass and deprive the world of your contribution?

Fluctuations are not a symptom of fickle attitude. Sometimes to find our way we tack – like a sailboat through a harbor. We go this way a bit or that way a bit looking for the wind. Catching a breeze that takes us a few yards then shifting direction a bit to take us another few yards. We need to feel out where the energy is, where our power comes from. You might love art but then dabble in realism with charcoal, then switch to abstract pastels, then experiment in a few oils. Its all about finding our way. It doesn’t mean that the first trials weren’t successful and they definitely weren’t a waste of time. You added techniques and experience to your arsenal of tools to pull from that will be there forever. Even if all you learned was that you hated the way charcoal felt between your fingers, that is something!

All creative endeavors have this tacking process. It takes us from point A to point B and beyond as long as we don’t give up and lower the sails, motoring back to port. And when you find the wind, enjoy the ride, but don’t think for a minute you won’t be required to do more work – more tacking – to stay in it. Just ask a “One hit wonder” if sitting on his or her laurels enjoying the success without putting in just as much effort to work on the next album got them anywhere new. Chances are, they’ll be playing the same old song for the next 20 years to progressively smaller and smaller audiences. Stay hungry. Keep working. Continue to tack looking for the next gust of wind.

A side note on this – don’t let anyone tell you that you are going in the wrong direction by trying something new. Doing is the key ingredient of learning. Not- doing is only an ingredient of giving up.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Prachi says:

    Or I’d like to put its as- if you want something and are dedicated to the core, that thing would find its way to you!
    Turning a deaf ear to people who demotivate is the best!
    We should follow our instincts only.

  2. Prachi says:

    Thank you for the follow back :)
    It feels great to connect with you :)

  3. beverly shanley says:

    I hope you are seeing all the replies to your Missing Trees posts. I always reply under comments but am never sure I am doing it right. Nevertheless, just want you to know I Appreciate your posts….all of them. Your experience has given you lessons to learn….and pass on to the rest of us…..Thanx Julie.

    Sent from my iPad


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