The Jackalope In My Shower


This is a picture of my shower. Nothing special. Not even clean, really. In fact I should probably be embarrassed about posting it. But I’m not.

I’m so tired of “candid” photo shopped celebrities.

And expectations.

And people feeling further and further away from empowerment because they bought hook line and sinker that because their situation doesn’t completely mirror what they see in the media, so they don’t even bother trying.

Lemme just say that not only is it total crap, but that most everyone worth looking up to stated at the bottom.

You don’t need a model’s body and to buy work out wear or to go to a gym. You don’t need a beach house retreat to have proper writing time. You don’t need top dollar canvas and paints to make a masterpiece. And you certainly don’t need to change who you are or what you have to suddenly be blessed with a million dollar idea.

What is a jackalope? According to wikipedia “The jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore (a fearsome critter) described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. The word “jackalope” is a portmanteau of “jackrabbit” and “antelope”, although the jackrabbit is not a rabbit, and the pronghorn is not an antelope. Also, many jackalope taxidermy mounts, including the original, are actually made with deer antlers.


In the 1930s, Douglas Herrick and his brother, hunters with taxidermy skills, popularized the American jackalope by grafting deer antlers onto a jackrabbit carcass and selling the combination to a local hotel in Douglas, Wyoming. Thereafter, they made and sold many similar jackalopes to a retail outlet in South Dakota, and another taxidermist continues to manufacture the horned rabbits in the 21st century. Stuffed and mounted, jackalopes are found in many bars and other places in the United States; stores catering to tourists sell jackalope postcards and other paraphernalia, and commercial entities in America and elsewhere have used the word “jackalope” or a jackalope logo as part of their marketing strategies. The jackalope has appeared in published stories, poems, television shows, video games, and a low-budget mockumentary film. The Wyoming Legislature has considered bills to make the jackalope the state’s official mythological creature.

Folklorists see the jackalope as one of a group of fabled creatures common to American culture since Colonial days. These appear in tall tales about hodags, giant turtles, Bigfoot, and many other mysterious beasts and in novels like Moby-Dick. The tales lend themselves to comic hoaxing by entrepreneurs who seek attention for their products, their persons, or their towns.”


Why do I mention it? Because it was a great freakin’ idea and quite possibly came of one random guy taking a shower in some everyday normal shower. The idea probably made a small fortune. Or at least he can claim to have started the legend that is the almighty Jackalope.

My normal, everyday totally un-special shower is where 99% of my best ideas come from. I don’t live in a mansion. I don’t have a housekeeper. But I do have one thing – the only thing – necessary to make a difference and obtain goals. DRIVE. Drive is all you need.

Any shape, any economic background, any number of problems, any type of situation – if you have drive you have more than anyone else does. You are wealthy and “privledged” and free.

You are the top of the top.

Don’t give up before you start because you don’t look like the family on tv or your story isn’t the same as the millionaire rock star.

Use your drive to create your own opportunities and you will inevitably find a way. If you aren’t of a new age persuasion, simply consider it a matter of statistics. If only one and a million make it big in your field, all you do is have to try a million times. No biggie if you have drive.

Chances are you are already playing out those million chances in your head everyday in a perfectly boring and normal shower like I am. Many of us do. But will you be one of the few that does something with it?


Use the force, baby. Work your inner Jackalope-level idea :)

Jackalope photo credits:

By, CC BY 2.0,

By Mbailey – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Shower photo credits: Sadly my own. Don’t judge.

My Mighty Jackalope Painting- prints available at:


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