Art for Art’s Sake

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I’ve always had a hard time just doing art for art’s sake. Relaxing into an un-pressured creative zone without worrying what I can “make back” on my time. So, my New Years Resolution this year is to take time to just be creative and have fun with the projects that come into my mind and not get all commercially-bent about it all. Hmm. Fingers crossed.

The above piece was inspired by my ruling planet Saturn. I’m not sure how the hair evolved into making up the rings of the planet, but I kind of like the effect. I’m not hard-core into astrology, but I love the stories behind it and the images it conjures as this planet or that does whatever they are doing.

Took down my show at the museum yesterday, was an awesome experience, but one more creative “fun” thing that had the economic overshadowing. Looking forward to applying to galleries and museums for a 2017 show (or shows) but I’ll definitely put less pressure on myself.

Happy New Years!






Fine Art America:


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  1. Shelby Quino says:

    I totally agree. I’m a huge believer in art for art’s sake. <3

  2. beverly shanley says:

    Love your Saturn Girl…..are you planning on doing all the planets or zodiac signs”………would make an awesome calendar!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. LOVE it! I’d be interested to see what your wonderful brain could make of the other signs … :)

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