Princesses DO Wear Glasses!

So I’m in the kitchen making dinner when my daughter announces she needs to “get dressed”. At 4 years old, that either means a superhero cape and mask or a princess dress. Or both. Tonight was the dress, but she came out of the bedroom holding her glasses instead of wearing them. The glasses are a new thing in our house, it has been less than two months since the pediatrician noticed a anomaly in her eye scan, and the whole eye doctor/glasses thing has been quite the adventure. So naturally, I was concerned, and asked why she wasn’t wearing them.

Her answer broke my heart. She straightened up and announced “Princesses do not wear glasses.” [Mental expletive string causing mild brain malfunction].

I got it together and my husband and I began our counter argument, but it was too late. She then backs up her claim with a tear-jerker “I went through all of my princess books and not one of them wears glasses.” [In my mind’s eye I’m skipping about in The House of Mouse and whacking people’s ear headbands off]. Crap. Why didn’t I see this coming.

Seriously, three minutes prior to her announcement, I had lived in total glasses-less princess bliss. Now I’m a mama bear on a mission. A crusade. Growl.

First thing after she goes to bed- Where are the princess books with glasses? Seriously, I can’t be the only parent with this problem. Two or three popped up and and were immediately added to my cart. As was “Geek” Funko statue of Ariel with glasses and a Mickey Mouse “Hipster” tank of his face with glasses. I tossed in a Hello Kitty doll with glasses just to make it all look “normal” and pulled the “nothing to see here” act while tossing them on her bed after they arrived. Nothing like having ridiculously limited options to make your kid feel less than normal.

But the fire grew in my belly. How dumb is this? So I started creating my own. Hey – when your only superpower is art you have two options – do the extra credit posters in grade school and make your own stuff when you get stuck in a bind.

So here we go- not only do they wear glasses, but they have JOBS and HOBBIES (novel) and they are totally non natural colors so girls can relate to any or all as they please. I mean really, the whole point of dressing up as a princess is what? Covet the other kid’s bling and go to a tea party? Even Barbie got a career at some point. Here some of my -so far – princesses.


And then thanks to all the print your own stuff sites out there, I started going (a bit) nuts – I did say this was a crusade right? Like a full on Holy Grail, baby. We are the knights that say…. coffee mugs! and shirts! and Lunch boxes!


So thats where it has begun, and a book is coming. And a coloring book. And screw that, I’m not stopping there!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Whose the SMARTEST of them all?!

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