April Was Insane.

Wow. Last month was like the finish line that never finished. Of course, it really doesn’t help when I’m piling on my own projects at light speed. As an example….

In the 30 days of April, I:

Moved cross-country (packed, cleaned, wrapped up, stuffed 5 pods full of crap, drove across the continental us only to unpack and un-stuff in a brand new locale.)

Completed Camp NaNoWriMo starting 10 days late and finishing 4 days early.


Created and completed a brand new coloring book – up on Amazon as of May 1st – woot!


Finished a new princess for the Kingdom of Cool.


Created two new art pieces for two new shows here in Dunedin.


I’m tired. I really am. But its a new month, so hey- who is up for a couple of magazine articles and a new children’s book, huh?

April’s soundtrack – Harry Belafonte, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Beck. On shuffle + repeat. Try it, it will change your life. Of course, if you can rock it – I take full credit. If it destroys you, I disavow any and all culpability.

Happy May!


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