Princesses DO Wear Glasses!

“I went through all of my princess books and not one of them wears glasses.”


Art for Art’s Sake

The above piece was inspired by my ruling planet Saturn. I’m not sure how the hair evolved into making up the rings of the planet, but I kind of like the effect.

I Am Groot

It is so funny how things all get grouped in our timeline. This week of her passing, I’ve been working on a few projects, among which are a portrait of the character Groot and a new playlist.

Letting Go – Admiral Ackbar Portrait

I love working on portrait paintings and I just needed to not think – to release to the creativity for creativities sake. To not do anything that means something. To me, the embodiment of that release is fan art.

The Jackalope In My Shower

This is a picture of my shower. Nothing special. Not even clean, really. In fact I should probably be embarrassed about posting it. But I’m not.

When Illustration Goes Supernova

I recently took my children’s book Sleep Sweet through the Augmented Reality format, and it was a wild ride! As an author, illustrator and mom, this project has been a crazy foray into a George Jetson world, especially for a woman that remembers being totally memorized by her very first Star Wars pop-up book :)…