The Jackalope In My Shower

This is a picture of my shower. Nothing special. Not even clean, really. In fact I should probably be embarrassed about posting it. But I’m not.

When Illustration Goes Supernova

I recently took my children’s book Sleep Sweet through the Augmented Reality format, and it was a wild ride! As an author, illustrator and mom, this project has been a crazy foray into a George Jetson world, especially for a woman that remembers being totally memorized by her very first Star Wars pop-up book :)…

Peer Approval. Yuck.

One of the reasons people don’t set themselves free doing what they love is that they are afraid their new path won’t meet with approval.

Pushing Past the Haters

Critics and haters have a bitterness toward all Sparks. It is hard not to take their cuts and jabs personally, because the work they are cutting and jabbing is very personal to you. Realize in these times that they don’t even see your work. All they see is their own stolen Spark and they can’t understand why you can keep yours going.

Signposts and Oracles

Stop thinking and go wherever you are being called to go. You won’t know why it is sticking with you until you get there.

If You Really Want It, You’ll Find A Way

Unedited sample from my upcoming book SPARK! How do you know this is what you really want? How do you know it isn’t just a passing phase or the hobby-of-the-moment? We make excuses to hide us from many things, but when the reasons that you want this dream start to keep you up at night,…