Maturango Museum Exhibit

Julianne Black Exhibit at the Maturango

Color & Vibration @ The Maturango Museum

This is a multi-media exhibit of paintings on a variety of media, created to celebrate the original design elements of the petroglyphs with a modern twist of bright color and pop. Many of the works are painted directly on three-dimensional reclaimed wood structures, letting the texture, shapes and surface imperfections influence the design of the overall piece – a homage to the original stone artwork, also on unpredictable and unstable surfaces.

Exhibit runs November 03, 2016 – January 03, 2017

My show mission: I don’t know anything about petroglyphs. Their history, their age, specifics of the cultures that created them. I’m not an anthropologist. I look through a different filter of exploration, lenses of artistic expression and global impact. I see a lifeline connecting individuals. Marks made by hands – hands with a purpose, a family, a set of dreams and hopes specific to that moment in time. By recreating them with my own hands, I am bridging space and time, families and cultures. We are all connected.

Themes of geometric patterns, astrological reference, human and animal figures and base shapes have the same place then that they do now. Expression. Voices to be heard. These shapes each have their own feel, and I worked to bring out what my own voice could lend to the original stories, adding color or context to their already beautiful existence.

This exhibit is merely a celebration of the forms. A recreation and remembrance of their beauty and the beauty of the lives that created them. With a taste of world culture, a bit of craft and heap of crazy, I hope to have created the “dance mix” version of some petroglyph work in their honor.

The show runs until January of 2017


Julianne Black at the Maturango Museum

Julianne Black at the Maturango

Julianne Black at the Maturango


julianne black maturango

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