SPARK is an upcoming novel about sifting through the day’s typical experiences to find the gems – the SPARKS – that actually mean something. The moments in time that provide insight. Fire. Passion. Truth. Identifying these bits of SPARK is only the first step towards shaping your life path into something completely authentic – a powerful and enriching life that you can be proud of, while delivering your gifts to a world that is currently missing out. Once identified, you’ll need the courage to follow your SPARK wherever it may lead, building momentum and strength that will only get stronger in time.

The book is broken into bite size topics designed to explain and inspire, and can be read from cover to cover or skipped through as needed. Below is a small taste from the section Inspiration  (unedited)-

The bench. I’m standing in the opera house on Main Street in Disneyland in front of a seemingly ordinary park bench. Above the bench hangs a huge black and white photo in a heavy wood frame. The image depicts a gloomy scene in which an ordinary looking older man is walking alone down a heavily-puddled paved street against a grey sky. But this is no ordinary street, behind him looms the giant theme park icon – Cinderella’s castle. This image struck me. When we think of the success Walt Disney achieved, we stop seeing the roots and the beginnings. On this bench, Walt dreamed of creating Disneyland. To some, that sounds lucky or magical as though the air could crackle around a bench with such magical powers.

The painting also tells a different story. The image symbolizes to me that we are still just ordinary people and we have days where it rains. We have days when we must walk alone. We have days where success looks like nothing more than an uphill battle. The dream and the work hanging together like that, side by side as a tribute to the man that created the empire knocked my goals and aspirations up another notch. In another grand sweep of Universal enlightenment a second after I felt the good juju halo-effect of being in the same space as a treasured object, my three year old daughter climbed under the museum rope and parked herself up on Walt’s bench directly under the “Do not touch” sign. I snatched her up laughing. A momentary collision of two worlds reminding me I have success all around me everyday in love and innocence. No harm was done and I am pretty sure Walt would not have minded sharing his bench with such a mischievous cutie.

Inspiration can come from biographies of those past whom created their own corner of history doing what it is you are working to do. Posters or art on the walls, being around people that lift you up and challenge you to take your ideas to the next level. The natural world around you can be inspiring – the perfection and simplicity in something as tiny as a drop of dew can be a meditation all it its own. Sometimes inspiration flashes before us, sometimes we need to seek it out.

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